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  BRANDX is very honored to work with Bvlgari again to recreate the classic.

  For numerous people, Bvlgari, an Italian jewelry brand with the history over 130 years, has been a classic symbol of the eternal charm. It not only represents the development history of Italian classic culture, but also is an important chapter for development of world top jewelry.

  Glamourous radiance on site is inherited from hundreds years ago, as if it has been so balzing for all these years. The splendid lighting ceremony is Bvlgari’s way to telling the story of this classic art legendary.

  早于古希腊罗马时代,蛇已被视为神圣的动物,象徵权力与智慧,拥有神秘而高贵的魅力。Serpenti早已成为了宝格丽的品牌标志,声名享誉全球。20 世纪40 年代,宝格丽推出了第一款Serpenti 珠宝腕表。自那时起,宝格丽就带着对罗马悠长历史的敬意,不断发掘着蛇图腾充满力量的形象与丰富内涵。




  As early as in ancient Greek and Roman times, the serpent has been regarded as scared creature. It has charm of mystery and nobleness, symbolizing power and wisdom. With worldwide fame, Serpenti has already been the icon of Bvlgari. In 1940s, Bvlgari launched the first Serpenti jewelry watch. Since then, with deep respect to the long Roman history, Bvlgari keeps exploring powerful image of the snake and rich connotations of the totem.


  Serpenti lighting art installation is a demo of the top jewelry enchase craft. Whole unit is 14 meters high, 10 meters wide, with 3.9 meters high and 4.3 meters wide snake pendant as main body. 150 thousand pieces of LED lamp are interwoven to make the crystal and glowing Serpenti necklace come to life, showing the full of awe from this Italian old jewelry brand to Roman culture.





  如今,Serpenti 已然成为了一个完整的系列,包括高级珠宝、配饰、手袋、腕表等多个产品线。Serpenti 系列还融合了宝格丽所有的标志性特点,它注重色彩和材质的选择搭配,强调珠宝的佩戴舒适性,采用先锋的手工工艺。可以说,Serpenti已经成为了宝格丽发展史的象征,同时也是世界珠宝史上的一个重要标志。

  Now, Serpenti has been a complete series, which contains several product lines including high jewelry, accessories, bags and watches. With groundbreaking handcraft, attention to selection and match of color and texture, and emphasize on supple wearablity , Serpenti collection combines all Bvlgari typical features. It has demonstrated the development of Bvlgari, as it were, also it is a significant mark for world jewelry history.